Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All that Glitters!

I have been looking for some older rhinestone jewelry for awhile. My daughter really likes pearls and rhinestones right now and I have seen a lot of jewelry remade with antique pieces. I had looked on line and at a couple of the local antique stores, but a lot of what I was finding was very expensive. I was looking for pieces and parts or something that wouldn’t make me feel terrible for taking it apart. A friend of mine told me to try out a Pawn shop. I had never thought of a Pawn shop! So last weekend Kate and I decided to check it out. I was a little nervous going in; I guess when I think of Pawn shops, the image isn’t great.  But this place was really neat! They had so much stuff. The woman that worked there asked us what we were looking for and she brought us out tray after tray of stuff.  She was great, we didn’t even finish with one tray and she would bring out a few more. It was crazy! It was so much fun! Now I am not saying the stuff we got was really antique…..but I think I would call it vintage.
Look at these treasures!

Doesn't it all look so pretty! We picked out chains, earrings and pins. Some are just square, but we also got some flowers and even some snowflakes!! This was a great place to go and I will definitely go back.

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