Thursday, January 5, 2012

Etching Some Metal

I took a class on etching not too long ago. So this week I thought I would play around with it. I took some copper and nickel sheet metal and a few copper washers and stamped some designs on them. Then I put them in the etch and waited. This is how they turned out. I think they look pretty good. I have put some of these items on my Etsy site

These are a couple of the washers and I added some Amazonite and Spectralite.

A pendant I am working on.

This is a 1" copper square that I drilled a few holes in, added some sterling silver chain, pearls and copper spacers to make a necklace.

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  1. Nice, I am glad you enjoyed the etching class at Beadtini Boutique. Kim will be back to teach more!