Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break 2012

 This past week was spring break for my daughter, so we decided to take a road trip and visit my parents. They live just a short PATH ride from NYC, so we always try to make a trip into the city. This time we wanted to see the 911 Memorial. It was both sad and wonderful. It is a very moving tribute. The whole design is amazing with all of the names inscribed into the bronze, the waterfalls, and just the size of it. There is even a tree that they have nursed back from the day of the attacks.

 Here we are standing in front of the Survivor Tree. It was such a warm day for March!
 Of course we had to make a few stops at some bead stores. (My son hates this part.) These are some of the czech glass beads we saw at one of the stores. We also spent sometime at Metalliferous. They have moved in the past year, up a floor and the space is even smaller!! But they do fit a lot of cool stuff into that tiny store!
I just loved all the colors on this building!

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