Saturday, March 31, 2012

You Gotta Love Frit

 So, Kate and I decided to play with making some frit again(this stuff is addicting). I was running low on two of the combinations I had originally made, so I had to replenish. And then we came up with four more! These are only for me to use, but for some reason we think we need to name them.
This is By the Beach.....because we love the beach of course!
 We are calling this one Costa Rica because my family is planning a trip there later this year and even though we have never been, these are the colors we think of.
 This one is Lily Pond...lots of blue and green and purple.
And I just love this one! But we haven't come up with a name yet. Turquoise, bright green and grey...Kate says I should name it My Closet, since these are the colors I always wear. Funny girl.


  1. I agree with Kate, that last one should be Nancy's closet - it looks like you! So what do you do with Frit?

  2. Hi Claudia! When I am making a bead, it would be the last step. I just roll it in the frit and the little pieces stick to the hot glass and I melt them all the way in. The colors look really neat when they are all overlapping.