Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kate's Quilt

I am embarrassed to admit how long ago I started this quilt, but in the interest of complete disclosure I will...I started this quilt 10 years I ago. Actually, I have a hard time believe it was that long ago, but it was. I decided I was going to make the kids quilts to go in their new rooms. They picked out the colors, nice bright colors. Kate picked green and purple and Brian went with green and blue.  I got the quilt tops done right away, and then they just sat. It took me awhile to find the backing fabric and then someone to quilt them for me. But finally, in the past few months, I picked up these quilts and decided to finish them .So this is Kate's, I finished it last night! I am so thrilled that it is completed. I already have the binding attached on Brian's and hope to finish it up in the next week. I love the colors of both of them! Very cheerful. Now I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with them. As Brian is out of the house in his own apartment and Kate only has one more semester at school and then she will be hitting the real world. I don't think they will even want them.  I am thinking they will look really nice in an extra bedroom with two twin beds in it....hmmm....

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  1. I think you should give them to the children anyway. They can use them as tv blankets or something. :)