Thursday, January 3, 2013


The start of another year! So many possibilities.

I have no idea what the new year will bring. Life is always a surprise. We never really know what is going to be around the bend. I can tell you what I hope to do this year..... 

I hope to be a better mom to my kids. Life has thrown us some unexpected curves in the last couple of years and put us into circumstances we never thought we would be in. And although I believe that we will always be close, they are in their 20's and starting lives of their own. I have to let them grow and make mistakes. And they will have to do the same for me.

I hope do better at telling the family and friends in my life that they are important to me. I never would have gotten thru this without all of them! Everyone of them can make me laugh and cry and then laugh again. I love all of them for this.

I hope to find a real job! One that I can love and grow into. One that lets me be creative...somehow, and work with people so that maybe I can make their life better or easier or happier. Unfortunately, I have no idea what this job would be, but now is the time to figure it out.

I hope to create better jewelry designs. Make better lampwork beads, use different wire, maybe different shapes of wire. I am signed up to take Kerry Bogert's  Aspire to Wire course and am very excited for it.

I hope I get better at blogging...I use all the old excuses of no time, nothing to write, who wants to read what I have to say. But...I do want to keep a better watch on my life and maybe this is the way to do it.

I'm sure there are so many things I should work on for this year. I do know you have to stay positive. That things always seem to work out. And just roll with the Some have said it may not be a good year because of the number 13 or the year of the snake. I disagree, I may not love snakes but the number 13 has always be special to me. So I think it is going to be a great year. One of changes, challenges and growth!

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