Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Trip to Oberlin

Well, I went on a bead shopping trip yesterday. Which is never a good thing. Bead Paradise is a bead store that is about 45 minutes away. I have been going there for forever. When the kids were smaller, they would have to go with me. They would crawl around on the floor and pick up all the loose beads, it would keep them busy for hours.  When I finally finished picking out the beads I had to have, Brian and Kate would take there little pile up to Ruth, the owner. They would be so proud of themselves. Ruth was always so nice. She would bag them up and hand them back to them...they were thrilled! (I wonder if they still have these in there rooms somewhere?)

Anyway, every January she has a big 25% off sale. I think she does it to get ready to go to Tuscan. I can't stay away from a sale!! So I always head over once or twice during the month. I didn't buy a lot and it is really kind of a funny mix, but this is what I got.

This is a strand of Blue Lace Agate. I just loved the chunky rough cut of it. I already have an idea for a necklace, that I may have to fight my daughter for. The different shades of blues stripes in these stones is really so interesting.

I also bought a couple of older strands of spacers. Bead Paradise has alot of vintage beads and findings. I find these older strands really fascinating. They have more detail and some wear and tear to them. I got a  strand of brass beads and two different sizes of Ethiopian silver. Ethiopian silver is not as pure as sterling silver, which is 925 parts pure silver. The Ethiopian silver is only about 833 parts of pure silver. Anyway, I think these spacers are a great shape and cant wait to use them in some of my pieces.

The last little batch of beads i bought is very eclectic. I wanted to get some pure white beads. I'm not sure these are exactly what I was looking for, but I couldn't leave them behind. The turquoise flowers...well they are my color and it is fun to use these in summer pieces. I had to have the oranges because the last time I was there I bought limes...need I say more?

So this was my trip to Oberlin. It is a great store to go to but make sure you have plenty of time to visit, they have so much to look at

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