Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Beads

I don't always get to go out in the winter and make beads. But this past weekend we had temperatures in the 50's, so I went out and and had a great time!  Lots of  blues, greens and turquoise of course, since these are my favorite colors. But I threw in some purple and some red, white and blue too. 

My parents gave me a couple button mandrels for Christmas. These buttons are kinda fun to make. They are kinda thick, but I think they will be great for some of the knitting my mom and Kate do. I also think I am going to use one for a project in the Aspire to Wire eCourse with Kerry Bogert that I am currently taking. Every project has been amazing!


  1. I love what you made during the 'heat wave'. Turquoise is my favorite at the moment so I love your color pallet.
    Lori D.

  2. Thanks Lori! Turquoise always seems to be my